Saturday, October 30, 2010

As Usual...I Kept It Moving

A brotha tries to keep it moving..similar to the South to North migration.

...Back in the day..check your history..not his-tory..know the situation.

One step ahead of stormtroopers in this Babylon nation!! the hooptie cuts the corner.

Whatcha facing? trying to be thorough like terror investigators? checking packages..meanwhile another makes it harder than it has to be by trying to cut a corner?

...Who crossed the border like in Arizona? left the state they were down here in Atlanta Georgia.

It's out of order!! the state of mind..some said it's business not personal!! now there's a rally to restore sanity..who'll understand a bruh?

I hated rejection!! where did it land a bruh? in cemeteries..correctional facilities..all up in file thirteen!

I hated perfection!!! not associated with humans..during the process? somebody's hurting!

.....It wasn't working!! the process was hurt by the hypocricy.

I wasn't working with it? please!!! this breakbeat science is prophecy!

Freedom is my top priority!! but I layed in the cut..avoided the resurgency...drama was at the doorstep....the coast wasn't clear.

Whose fronting? I see them!! wouldn't want to be them..they brag and boast!! just to hide the fear!

I'll free them...steering the mothership to a safe haven a safe harbor!

I kept it moving!!! I wasn't fooling with them!! the system? I see it's hatred they harbor!!

Dipped across the border in the Buick Regal!! doing a hundred.

Others skipped steps during the process!! now things are out of order!! but I'm done with it!

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