Sunday, October 03, 2010

Damn!! So What's Really Going On??

Damn!!!! OK!!! so what's really going on? like my other blogs name.

Damn!! in this zone? these folks lied!! they said the smoke and fog was tame.

But haters played games...smoke was enhanced by horrors and terrors were emphasized..

Spotted others who danced with the devil..that level was epitomized..

...spotted some in the drive thru..value meals super sized for a little extra!!

Spotted others..acted like they Kanye West..they were acting special a little extra.

Spotted others while out in the galaxy!! extraterrestrial out on the edge!! meanwhile on earth there's clowns to the left of me and jokers to the right.

They plotted and schemed!! Americans were told to be vigilant in Europe.. plans were made..but it goes down another way!! some can't get it right!

Double teamed in the low post like they once did Shaq? some say "it aint right" ..there's no triangle offense!

What it do? whose caught in the storm out by the Bermuda Triangle? some say it seemed like the Los Angeles Lakers or Chicago Bulls in the office!

Bulls knocked over the china cabinet!! plus I spotted the elephant in the room.

Fools will get knocked from Atlanta to Japan and China...or out in Tibet at the temple of doom.

Schools rocked from Iraq to Afghanistan!! students told to put down the shrooms and opium..told to assume the position.

Then old and new schools will get rocked by this steady bombardment of the enemy position..

O-Zone did the math what's up with the multiplication and the division?

Please!! were on a different path...we won't stop and we're not quitting..

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