Thursday, September 22, 2011

Letting It Do What It Do

I was chilling; observing the scene...letting the hustlers hustle and the players play!

Dealing with the madness; but soon I'll be ready to roll....enjoying the scenery...I'm on my way! 

Falling through after the summer madness; peeping game...seeing that its all game.. nuclear winter type situations for Japan are approaching?

We're moving faster than the speed of light per CERN; what did we learn? some are waiting in the dark for further instructions; meanwhile this veteran in the game is now coaching!

Whose meddling?..needing to go to the Diwali festival of lights.....trying to gain insight?...or are they encroaching with further corruptions? now some are subject to the authority! 

Whose manipulating the weather? climate control like in a Fleetwood Brougham..or GM Denali...whatcha know man? whose trying to get foul with me?  I dipped..I'm not a subject of the drama royalty...

I answer to a higher authority! so will the State of Georgia concerning Troy Davis... so whats the story? how will we behave with this?  at the end of the day you have to let it do what it do!

So what's the story?  we're taking it to another level..the process is organic..its all natural; act like you knew!

Life is hectic...chaotic...check the theory....some are seeing what it do; after the drama comes right to your doorstep....just like President Obama on Boehner and McConnell's turf.. what's it all worth? now the enemy wants to wave the white flag or extend the olive branch; saying they want peace! 

But we were disrespected at the end of the day; like Troy Davis.. seeing theres no justice or peace!

Please !!! whats expected? sometimes wondering if we should let
it do what does! 

Especially if we already know the outcome; my mind body and soul felt a buzz!

Now O-Dizzle will pull out the drum...frontline spiritual warfare business is going down!!

What's the dizzle? we're Transmitting Live...letting it do what it do...this is how we're putting it down...

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