Wednesday, September 07, 2011

The Caught Up Mix PT.2 (Wise To The Whole Set Up) ..The Scripture

Whats the deal...whats the business? that's a question I keep asking myself!

Whats the deal? I see some are still Caught Up...but I got wise to the whole set up...a brotha had to go on with his bad self!

O-Dizzle had to pull funk off the O-Zone pulled out the blue and black ink pens!

What's the deal? check the drama going down from New Delhi to the ATL....a bruh had to hit up the loose leaf...similar to Obama's job program speech?  please!! I'm just showing what a black man thinks!! it's going along with the O-Dog blends!

Yeah man!! a bruh sends a message in the songs; its like this and like that and a!

Yeah man!! that's the business..letting you know what the deal is; are we Sons of Anarchy?  who will understand a bruh?

Whats up with another?  all up in the spot on some other  other!! shady business is conducted like its Wall Street!

Ecological Ignorance will alter the fate; whose Caught Up? corrupt ones brought the drama to y'alls street!

Plotting and scheming on y'alls defeat; playing you like Obama..trying to undermine your endeavors!

Who said were not doing the damn thing..whats the business? this is Intergalactic like the Space Shuttle Endeavour!


The Caught Up Mix PT.2 (Wise To The Whole Set Up)

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