Monday, September 26, 2011

Low Key

Falling through; chilling out!! observing the scene...what's heard or seen? this is a critical stage of low key is the steelo! 

Whose calling you? bear witness to the shady dealing going down like the Putin / Medvedev  job swap...beware of the old okey dokey!! but this brotha knew what the inside joke would be...the machine was spying on a fly negro! 

That's word from Sly living in a what's up man? whose balling?  you know that's the steelo from the ATL to NYC! 

Whose stalling? waiting in the dark...they should be seeing that the whole game is shady! 

Casualties of spiritual warfare chill at Grady in Atlanta or University Hospital in Louisville! 

....Casually going there; now chilling at Donald Trimble in Decatur or AD Porter in the Ville! 

Whats the deal? its not the most beautifullest thing mentioned by Keith Murray! 

...Plus its not a Beautiful Struggle mentioned by Talib Kweli; who'll work with me? 

All up in the spot; what's the deally? over on Candler Rd in Decatur "little homie and them" dipped in the old school Chevy Nova.. will a beautiful mind  recognize that the saga / struggle continues?

....All out there in Terra Nova...whose acting brand new with a bruh? they ate meals prepared by chefs in hells kitchen working with ill menus!

What's the deal? Saturday Morning in Decatur..Jehovah's Witness act like they know me.. 

Saturday afternoon in Atlanta.. spotted FAMU beating Southern at the Georgia Dome...Southern's band the best? I don't we go for what we know...otherwise keeping a low profile...low key..

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