Monday, September 19, 2011

Still Outside The Box

Revisiting previously discussed concepts; just ask Troy Davis and them... not a damn thing has changed!

Drama is revisiting..ask Ray J and's even in a house of worship like down in Florida..what's up with them?  devious ones stay busy; were under attack from the devil and his advocates!!! but were back with this; bringing the good word plus the beats banged!

What's up with ya? getting the gist of this thing? not a damn thing has changed!! that's why your homie is still outside the box!

What's up with ya? still in pursuit of the American Dream? you should see it's all game..everything was just rearranged; but the Brotha O-Dizzle still rocks!

Outside the box....might even have to box per Mayweather vs Ortiz...please!!  this is not the norm so the machine knocks my hustle!

Going all out; riding out!!! The Mothership has landed back on seeking shelter from the storm; flexing mental and physical muscle!

Public Enemy told us we cant trust the system; plus Flavor Flav showed us what time it was with the clock!

This entity stays independent so that usually leaves me outside the box!

Caught out there where they didn't feel me; playing me like Dick Cheney they're full of drama...they changed the locks so I couldn't get back in!

Some are Caught Up even out there...waiting in the dark;  but the brotha O-Dizzle rocks!! soon going in getting it in?

I don't know;  the reign began with a drizzle; word from Hurricane Irene and Tropical Storm Lee!

You don't know?  felt the pain but thought is was the norm; but that's not the deally!

Some might feel me as this train of thought rolls out!! they recognize the pattern; seeing that I'm outside the box!

As we try to stop the madness;  rectifying that and this when O-Dog rocks.

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