Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Chaos Theory PT.3 .....Life Is Hectic

As we proceed and continue...the Chaos Theory is in full effect..things are moving fast; whose trying to keep up? 

Life is hectic; chaotic...application of the theory? Full Tilt Poker a ponzi scheme?..drummed up by those that plot and scheme? were hoping your lifeline is connected to the higher power; the devil will try to creep up! 

....Wasn't asleep up in this game; realized that it's all game..beats get drummed up...this good word is dropped...O-Dizzle is Transmitting Live...evil doers that stressed got dealt with; as I bear witness to the results! 

Please believe a bruh!! we were blessed double for the trouble that was caused by those cults! 

The Lou Rawls world of trouble theory was in full effect! 

Along with the chaos theory; please believe me life is hectic! 

Feeling the electricity of uncertainty; it seems as if the morale is low worldwide! 

....Plus polar opposites didn't stand together for composites as good and evil collide!

Homie was colder than a polar bear!! up in the Cadillac Escalade..riding off into the sunset like a old cowboy movie! 

Jackers were bolder...jacking jokers!! class warfare was even mentioned by Republicans..Wall Street protestors go there..some should have already knew what the move would be!

The O-Dog groove will be funky; O-Dizzle did the knowledge realizing that life is hectic! 

....Wasn't a punishment glutton; didn't turn the dial or push the button....a bruh pulled the plug; he disconnected!

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