Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Low Key PT.2

Staying low key...chilling...they weren't checking for me anyway...actually that's a good thing!

Back in the day? I dipped down Muhammad Ali Blvd in Louisville in the Cadillac Brougham from Brown Bros. ....it had leather and wood grain; it was a hood thing!

...I wasn't the pot calling the kettle black like Herman Cain...what's up mane? I was low key; I didn't fall for the okey dokey and I still stay on point! 

.....Saw others were caught up..but a bruh is wise to the set up; realizing I'm not the one they'll anoint!

I get the point; they'll try to play me like Conrad Murray ....the only time they check for a brotha is to make him a scapegoat! 

O-Dizzle is rocking the funky joint; who'll work with me? I'm transmitting live!! hitting my people up with a beat and a quote!

Of course the street mode is maintained after the perspective was gained; it's like the talks to end the NBA lockout...I'm seeing that its all game! 

Beneath the surface and behind the scenes capers go down; where are Libya's heat seeking missiles?  then the machine will assign the blame!

Peeping game; knowing how they work this and that!! soaking game up like cornbread in collard green juice! 

Staying low key; but haters will act like they know me!! they want to see me lose!

Staying low key when we cruise like Smokey Robinson..we dipped on them...disappeared like Chriss Angel's vehicles..what it do?

..Or maybe like postal workers jobs...whose going postal like they're in Syria..causing mass hysteria..act like you knew!!

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