Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Color Scheme

Falling through; seasons change...this is next up...after the summer madness!

Fall weather; checking the color scheme; brown, orange and green; checked the foliage as we come back with this! 

Fools sat whatever...the system gets foul with it..others didn't recognize the red black and green per what's up man? know what I mean? whatcha know about this?

Y'all might say whatever when breakbeat science is dropped!! foul with it? thinking a brotha is trying to plot and scheme like Bernie Madoff when I run this...

Please!!! me and my peeps were hit up..feeling karmic /cosmic debris that felt like falling satellites..the storms brought a cloud of suspicion like Troy Davis protestors down in Jackson Georgia surrounded by Georgia Storm / State Troopers... but we didn't misbehave with this..were just working on a come up..

Like turning on Large Hadron Colliders we already did the knowledge on the grand scheme of things; now dropping this good word plus check the loops..funky beats we drum up!

Avoiding authorities down here in Georgia..actually worldwide..trying to trump up charges based on the color scheme! 

Endeavors are null and void in these territories like it was the what's on your mind? survival is based on humping like today...the middle of the a dollar and a dream!

The cream theory; cash rules everything around me per Wu Tang Clan is in full affect! 

The chaos theory is also dominate; check the color scheme for the effect!

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