Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Chaos Theory PT.4 .....Life Is Hectic

The Chaos Theory is in full is hectic; it's hard on the boulevard...rough on the avenue; even in I take a look around everything is falling apart! 

I bought duct tape from Home Depot and or Lowe's;  as a brotha goes for what he knows!! plus he shows he has heart! 

Down here in the corrupt state of Georgia.....Troy Davis a brotha flows down the stream of consciousness; once upon a time I received an invitation to be part of the conspiracy but I declined! 

I could see my kind were disrespected; like Palestinians joining the UN; it's on...once again...once I disconnected; in the hood I reclined!

I noticed that the blind led the blind; now a lot of folk are waiting in the dark! 

Peeping game...behind the scenes I see some are still subject to the authority; vehicles were waiting in park!

.....Or even neutral; whose acting brand new with ya? I hear in Africa drone bases are being hostile territories I hear dogs barking up the wrong tree!

Diplomatic immunity is exercised;  O-Dog is chilling...but I wasn't through dealing...I noticed the bark was worse than the bite for those that ask whats wrong with me! 

Sick with these mathematics? how long has it been with me? actually since day one!

Like Mike Vick nobody is blocking for me; I think they want to see me come undone! 

Life is hectic...chaotic...theories have been confirmed...but no bridges are burned..O-Dizzle is rocking with me and you; he's not the one to take a fall!

Life is hectic....chaotic... but God is with me and you; picking us up when we fall!

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