Sunday, September 04, 2011

Stop The Madness PT.3.....No Justice No Peace

No justice no peace is the catch phrase; Libyan freedom fighters bear witness...we need to stop the madness!

Whats up with us? we're catching Virgo sun rays as I write this; still dealing with the summer madness!

It's Labor Day it over for organized unions? ..the summer is soon over..but we're back with this!!  as we proceed and continue; once again its on!

Refusing to get played...corporations were running games..meanwhile we enhance these survival techniques; not starving...we continue to Rock With Ya all up in the danger zone!

Peeping game...a stranger was just a clone sent to knock this brotha's hustle when I was trying to get it on like Marvin... drama and intrigue was introduced!

The banger is O-Dizzle's; he's trying to rock with ya!! ....but haters critique;  mad because the daughter of chaos wasn't seduced!

I wasn't Caught Up..caught out there in the Tropical Storm Lee..feel me? I didn't "stand accused of loving her too much"  like the Isaac Hayes joint!

Please!! I used my mind after I got it right; like Strauss-Kahn I might have to take a flight back to France..I could see I'm not the one they'll anoint!

Whats up with us? no justice...but we continue to advance..taking a chance.. not disappointed!!  we already knew what it do!

No justice no peace is the catch phrase; word from Brenda Hampton...what's happening?  my peeps need to act like they knew!

Waning moments of summer madness...catching the sun my peeps continue to act like they do...they need to get wise to the set up!

Evil is the opponent...we need to Stop The Madness...pull the plug on that and this...we need to do the knowledge; even the wise and otherwise need to wise up!

Back with this...once Transmitting Live with the hardcore style from a remote outpost in the galaxy...but The Mothership got good were back down to earth..

As we proceed and continue...stopping the madness is on the menu....we see what it's all worth....

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