Saturday, September 17, 2011

Minds Were Going Through Changes Like Buddy Miles

Minds were going through them changes like Buddy Miles mentioned!

They didn't want to give the drummer some!! but now O-Dizzle is falling through....summer madness is over the season changes; but who paid attention to it?

O-Dizzle is the funky drummer...he's peeping game; observing the scene..the reason changes but some things remain the same! 

Whats the dizzle? just like oil the end of the day we see that its all game! 

Some were told they were all lame!! because they didn't rob, steal or sell drugs!

Considered lame ducks in the administration; some say its the American way to rob and steal...on so many levels?  international thugs! 

Today is considered a day of pimp cups or mugs are raised; as some play it like a they roger that! 

This pimp dips in the ATL rocking the West Coast style; wheres my LA Dodger hat? 

The ATL taken over by Mike Vick?  just like Deion Sanders did as a Dallas Cowboy? what's up boy? please!! change is gonna come per Sam Cooke; get out of Dodge City with that if your not ready! 

The stranger dipped down I-20 in Atlanta in the Dodge Charger; listening to the Whispers Rock Steady!

Next up was Aretha Franklin's Rock Steady; meanwhile O-Dizzle will rock with me as I drop this good word!

As we go through these changes like Buddy Miles; check the heard?

So what's the word on the curb? jokers like John Boehner or even Rick Perry try to talk slick... 

We were observing the ready to roll..were on our way...showing supreme the midst of all these changes it's God who we walk with!!

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