Saturday, October 01, 2011

Beating The Drums Like Billy Cobham!

This is what its come down to; O-Dizzle is beating the drums like Billy Cobham! 

Like this is the George Duke / Billy Cobham Band / Project; they had my man Alphonso Johnson on the bass..but whats up with it? like Troy Davis we're knowing there's no justice or peace..David Duke type haters will object; hustles? they'll knock them! 

What's the deal? the prosecution will object like they're playing Conrad heard me? mad at a bruh because I get free and stay free after I summed up the consequences! 

What's the deal? it'll be like the unrest in Libya...persecution is directed towards that set residing in the gray area or sitting on fences! 

Astro turf was on the other side of fences; now players have turf toe, bad ankles, and knees! 

...Asking themselves...whats it all worth? some thought they were a prime time player like Drew Brees!

....Or like Prime Time Deion Sanders; ..a divorce from reality? please..peep the steez..who will  understand us when this breakbeat science is dropped? 

A brotha had to dip; taking intergalactic journeys; out there where aliens cosmic slopped!

Now back down to earth; the funk is dropped where so called illegal aliens lay low; down here in Georgia!  it's on...once again..

Or like in Alabama...understand a bruh...O-Dizzle is down here in Georgia with the ATLiens...your dude will continue to beat the drums like Billy Cobham; like he was with George Duke again..

They'll damn a bruh if I do or don' we'll put it down like this...dropping sonic nukes...check the steady bombardment of the enemy position..

It's going down from Wall Street to y'all street..your homie is keeping it street like it was Greg Street at six...I'm playing my position....

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