Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Strategy

They were trying to strategize; was it 9 9 9 like Herman Cain?  they thought they had a plan! 

They even tried to holla at me; I refused to be caught..I responded with the Sonic Assault...they thought they had this man!

Conditions were harsh; bad like Afghanistan, Yemen or even Somalia..instead of drones the ghetto bird flies high!

Word from Al Shabaab...yes siree Bob..troops from Kenya are on them...as we bob and weave like Muhammad Ali..it was way too real in Louisville; why ask why? 

As we lob sonic improvised explosive devices over the fence blowing up the astro turf..its like this and like that..we had to deal with it.

Comedians improvised...rappers  free styled like BET Cypher's...tts like this and like that; whose real with it? 

There was a weird energy in the air..I could feel it; something just ain't right like Keith Sweat would say!

Nothing weird about this entity the sound is bumping like Barry White; I just let the music play! 

That's my strategy..no need to trade for Carson Palmer like the Raiders..as we put it down like this and like that!

Chilling out...low key...cooler..calmer....but this is the rebuttal to ill strategies made in back rooms spelling doom; we continue to fight that!

Chilling out...low key...working on a strategy..others didn't have a right to that...there were more deportations under Obama's watch.

Chilling out..low key..working on a strategy...the brothas are coming out fresh with a brand new batch..

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