Monday, October 10, 2011

Low Key PT.3..... Laying In The Cut

Check me out..I'm low key with it; chilling on this so called Columbus Day..dude got lost and discovered America? in love or war whose fair with ya? meanwhile I'm just laying in the cut! 

Wise to the whole set up..the okey dokey; who knew what the inside joke would be?  Coptic Christians in Egypt said they're like me..I'm not playing around with the corrupt! 

What's up with it? check out this Coptic script..or maybe more like Nubian Letters...breakbeat science is in full effect... I broke free from the locks and chains; might Occupy Wall Street..haters say y'all will meet defeat...once knocked down; now I get up and put it down like this! 

Check out this don't stop get it getter!! but low key with it...laying in the cut...but broken English is manipulated by O-Zone; plus O-Dizzle rocked the sound; as we put it down like this! 

Up in Louisville? I grew up around this and that; a bunch of shady business!!! its embedded in my affected my outlook!

Its way too real!! like American incomes falling due to corporate some are all the way down to Plan Z; going all out like a crook! 

...It's more than Facebook or Twitter beef; based on whose belief? now the good book is quoted at rites and rituals! 

Face to face with a crook....word from Whitey Bulger!!  a real don't stop get it getter!! rolling with habituals! 

Miss Iceland will collect the dough...Ice Ice Baby!! whatcha know? meanwhile this brotha is laying low..races take a toll; now I do the mathematics! 

....This is more than the devil's arithmetic that's taught by fanatics! 

....Erratic is how the flow is; what's the deal with it?  please!! the Rev. Al Sharpton will let you know from Wall Street...he'll tell justice no peace is how they're running it!

....I'm waiting until the smoke clears; low key...laying in the cut with it!

It's not hard to tell...word from Liam Fox? whose knowing they're corrupt with it based on observing the scene?

Whats up with it? they should already know!! based on whats heard and seen!

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