Saturday, October 08, 2011

The I-20 Chronicles.....Making That Move Like Shalamar

The I-20 Chronicles are in full affect; as I make that move like Shalamar! 

The gangsta chronicles were like prophecies; as Occupy Wall Street goes down......because haters tried to raise the bar! 

Rolling down I-20 in the hooptie; trying to erase the the healing process begins! 

Radio stations contradict themselves..praise and worship on one and on another one Marvin Gaye's Sexual Healing is heard; who wins? 

Your homie swerved over by the AU Center; Clark Atlanta Homecoming was going down!

0bserved the rainbow coalition at Piedmont Park but not Jesse Jackson's group this was a gay pride festival that was going down! 

Other Georgia residents are caught up in Herman Cain's flow as he continues to talk out the side of his neck! 

Immigrants in Georgia find no benevolence; they'll have better luck in Alabama? they get no respect! 

As we roll down Broad and Alabama streets in Downtown Atlanta by the Five Points Marta Station; what did we expect? 

....Spotted casualties of spiritual warfare..cashing reality checks can land ya in a bad spot..reaching a point of no return; whose low on rations?...but in Babylon what did you expect? 

Chilling out as we disconnect from the mainframe; we make that move like Shalamar hanging out at the Sweet Auburn Music Fest; low key! 

As we proceed and continue; beats are were dropping this good word; act like you know me!


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