Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Full Moon Madness...The October Edition...

Once again its on!! as a weird energy floats around; blame it on the full moon madness!

...falling in Aries..called the hunter's moon....once again its on!! I'm not a weird entity!! as I hunt and gather..plus I won't act a fool when I come with this! 

..Others have all of that covered.....like they're in Sirte Libya.. I noticed it when I was observing the scene! 

Brothas are gonna work it out like Willie Hutch!! coming through in the clutch..were ready to roll...were on our way!! as we step on the scene! 

...But based on whats heard and seen? opposition is expected!

Nobody is blocking for me!! playing me like Mike Vick and even Cam Newton; I'm trying to be a new man...but disrespected!

....Whose knocking my hustle like they do Obama's..or maybe even John Lewis like Occupy Atlanta did...now the drama has escalated!

.....Word from Qaddafi!!  rocking it!! that's what O-Dizzle will be doing; rebuking those that hated! 

Ill issues were debated that were irrelevant; like what the latest fad is!

Meanwhile I kept it intergalactic; please!! it's supersonic like JJ Fad is! 

I told a fanatic it "is what it is" but enhanced by the full moon madness! 

Whose acting erratic?  Michael Jackson was asking Whose The Baddest? 

All up in the action!! back with this breakbeat science.

Rebuking the full moon madness; as I continue to go for mine!

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