Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Full Moon Madness...The October Edition...PT.2

Your homie is low key; letting the hustlers hustle and the players play! 

Act like you know me!! but I see Pink Floyd dark side of the moon type business going down...part of the full moon how are you trying to play? 

I bust jump shots like Sleepy Floyd; even though full moon madness is in affect...passing through Aries! 

Everybody plays the fool sometimes per Cuba Gooding and the Main Ingredient; whose fair with these? 

As I share these good words; a brotha has a whole sack full!

The money is funny..fooling with G-8 and G-20; some will work hard!! soon their back they'll pull! 

The money is funny..the mack couldn't fool the Occupy Wall Street movement!

Not a damn thing is funny I told these wannabe comedians as we drop this breakbeat science; showing and proving with it!

Check out how were moving it; as we deal with the full moon we proceed! 

Reality checks soon cashed by the unknowing and ungrateful; they were acting a fool...true indeed! 

.....As we proceed and continue;  we move on to the next! 

Taking it to another level; no longer making the simple complex!

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