Monday, October 31, 2011

Subject To The Authority PT.4 Caught Up..Caught Out There...

Whose caught up...caught out there? now like Herman Cain they're facing they're subject to the authority! 

As we go there....I heard some are in pain like Tim Tebow after all of the sacks...what's the facts? ....knowing whats up; I knew the hot topics or subjects in this hostile territory! 

Check the hot style I use to tell the story; is it a hot mess from the hot messenger?

I'm all about peace like NATO in Libya... they ask me..what's the deal with ya? check the style..old school United Nations; negotiating like Andrew Young or Henry Kissinger! 

Andy said Occupy Atlanta needs definition..meanwhile I was missing ya if you were about the chaos and confusion; but you should know authorities will sweat the technique! 

Soon Conrad Murray's folks the defense attorney objects!!  but the outlook is bleak!

You heard me...who'll work with me? some are soon suspects or persons of they call them now! 

Whats up with this? were moving forward never backwards..we didn't Watch The Throne... watch your your tone!! check the what, when, were, and how!

As we put it down like this; O-Zone is dedicated to the I provide proof...but Romans 13:1 said were subject to the authority..

Chilling with danger zone residents..some cool..some uncouth..proof provided by Romans or Babylonians that were in hostile territory..

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