Monday, October 03, 2011

Next Level Maneuvers

As we proceed; intergalactic journeys are taken..bear witness to these next level maneuvers! 

Whatcha need? seeing what the deal is...Amanda Knox released...Troy Davis executed...the truth is were moving to another level; doing what behooves us! 

Whatcha need? were rolling like Wall Street else should I behave with this?  the plan is executed...we're taking it to another level; you know the cliche..moving forward never backwards! 

....Knowing how and what these Perrys and Romneys are thinking..quick to drop the n-word on ya...meanwhile we're dropping this good word and the brand new funk on ya...which is how the O-Dizzle track works!

....My back hurts from the blue collar style work that is put in! 

Intergalactic with it like 8 Ball and MJG; Space Age Pimping! all the way to parking lot pimping!! 

....either way that it goes down? there's no need for help from NASA! 

As we go on deep space probes like telescopes from Chile..all spectrums are covered and smothered like Waffle House hash we proceed to our designated area! 

Next level maneuvers should be evident; as we rock ya, dropping funk, jazz and house...check the sound.... recognize the pattern!

Another level....that's were we take it; O-Zone is cold as Arctic Ice being studied by we play the game's going down from Louisville / Newburg to Johannesburg; from Pluto to Saturn.

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