Sunday, October 16, 2011

Full Moon Madness..October Edition PT.3

May have mentioned before; life is hectic!! please..a bruh felt the pressure! 

Pay attention I was told!! might spot some rolling with the enemy like Herman Cain with the Koch brothers..what's up with us? ...I heard some are in pain..this is the school of hard knocks; there's always a test for ya! 

While the Koch Brothers get rich to this like Goodie Mob...secret deals with Iran...what's up man? ....I see the full moon madness is still in affect from a few days ago..when the moon floated through Aries!

...Now it's in Gemini....your a damn lie!!  I told a  fool who will howl at the moon showing madness; as the Occupy movement spreads it's message love or war whose fair with these? 

....As I share these good words!! as I issue the rebuttal in the ongoing debate! 

Like the Jamaican with the good herbs!! no armchair quarterbacks are in these huddles; meanwhile others are still showing hate!

Some will arrive late like old girl with the Angela Davis Afro talking some back in the day stuff! 

Some still show hate...need proof? the execution of Troy Davis should be enough!

Now Occupy Atlanta is chilling in Troy Davis Park...meanwhile we keep it  moving..vehicles aren't in is hectic; O-Dizzle is so rough so tough like Roger and Zapp!  act like you know son!!

Check out the funk; plus the science we drop..O-Zone wasn't asleep taking a nap....knocked out like Bernard Hopkins by Chad Dawson..

O-Dog rocked we strap down in the Mothership making the crash landing on earth...

Illuminated by the full moon; soon finding out what its all worth!

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