Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Low Key With It PT.5....Making Observations

Low key with it...just laying in the cut seeing what it do; I figured they would find something on Herman Cain...not just 9 9 9; I was making observations!

Some were corrupt with I heard some are in pain like Iraqi war veteran in Occupy Oakland...some people just want to get open..some were just waiting in the dark.. like the Deele said they loved on two occasions!

Day and night; whats the deal? over in Europe..actually worldwide..they ain't right!! now resources and rations are low; some might get sued like Julius Erving...please!! whose out here swerving?  it ain't hard to tell like Nas mentioned!

Reality checks are cashed; at Occupy Atlanta police and protesters clashed...I was observing the scene; a bruh is broke but I still paid attention! 

Observing the scene; what was heard or seen? I was up in the Watchtower like Jimi Hendrix mentioned....checking out the battles on the front lines of spiritual warfare...I spotted the fatality; after one disrespects..even tried to get foul with me!!....I tried to tell some that this is a critical stage; but they don't hear me though! 

I fell through after the summer madness..I didn't pump brakes like Bendix..I came through with the drum; my main weapon in the ongoing spiritual warfare; but they dont fear me though! 

....Until they get hit upside the head with the sonic blackjack; some will try to get suicidal like Bernie Madoff's failed attempt.. then some will  recognize the pattern! 

Were everywhere with this!! but we play it off..low key with it...nobody was checking for we put it down from Louisville / Newburg to Pluto and Mars; to even Saturn!

I pointed some in the right direction based on my observations! 

Hopefully they won't get caught up in unpleasant situations!

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