Sunday, October 23, 2011

They Said It's About The Truth....But They Were Slacking

Checking the vibe; what transpired? I heard some say they were dedicated to the truth..being true to their mission..their calling!! but they were slacking...but they still try to do their thing! 

Checking in with the tribe; some said they're macking..going all out!! trying to claim their championship ring! 

They said they were a Maverick like Dallas..Dirk they rout dream teams like Miami when they do their thing; as they come back with it; whose caught out there like Gaddafi? now palaces are under attack! 

The drama comes to your front know malice was shown in the danger zone; once again it's on... as charlatans plot and scheme; you know they have the knack! 

You know malice is shown; some are lacking, some slacking...others are macking..charlatans are stacking paper on Wall Street; thats why its occupied!

Word from Occupy Chicago....whatcha know? an American chased a dream thats out of reach because somebody lied! 

Europeans cased the banks in Greece, France or Germany looking for the loot; it didn't circulate! 

Like Billy Paul or 9th Wonder talked about; please!! as I take a chance..who'll work with me?  corporate greed reflected the hate! 

I drop this breakbeat science like that German satellite that Chris Paul I played my position; a point guard dishing off to a hater whose lacking!

Whats up y'all? I slapped a hater upside the head with the blackjack..check out the sonic jacking!

We're back in this thing..once again...dedicated to the truth...staying true to our mission..our calling...

Facing's like the NBA Lockout...some play us like the players union..they have visions of us falling...

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