Friday, October 28, 2011

Subject To The Authority PT.2

How are we rolling? damn!! its easy to get caught up; making and losing money like Solyndra!! then were subject to the authority!

The drama king and queen were fronting; soon were subjects to the royalty! 

But your boy will get free and stay free; going hard like an asteroid; refusing to take a loss..I'm not going out like that! 

Discussions of my freedom are not arbitrary like the NBA Lockout; I'll have to fight that! 

Whose waiting in the dark? I see them..wouldn't want to be them; the room they're chilling in? I'll light that!

Whose tripping? said it ain't tricking if you got it; they'll get played like that! 

We got our sight back!! check the fresh view..fresh vision!

As we proceed and continue!! refusing to be subject to the authority like Dr. Conrad Murray..that's not how were living! 

You heard me? true indeed!! it's like Syria..hostile territory residents couldn't rebuke the takeover; now they're caught up! 

Now subjects to the authority; but jokers won't score on me; please!! I play good defense..that's how I was brought up!

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