Saturday, October 29, 2011

The I-20 Chronicles...Business As Usual

Dipping down I-20 in Atlanta; it's business as usual..but business was handled from Birmingham to Sumter!

Right now I'm in Decatur; still on the frontlines dealing with a hater ....they said they had something for ya!

The chef was posted up in Hells Kitchen preparing the meal!

Wasn't So So Def like Jermaine Dupri; its something that will make the masses ill! 

As we deal with the madness; classes are full..students were acting a fool!! whose waiting in the dark?  haters even took a shot at me when I was on the way out! 

As we deal with the madness; this breakbeat science will never play out!

As we deal with the madness..who will stray out in the path of the Israeli drone hitting up the Gaza Strip?

As we deal with the madness...breakbeat science is dropped...O-Zone stays on this math..dedicated to the truth..that's what a brotha will flip..

As I dip down I-20...riding through Downtown Atlanta as I pass Troy Davis Park..a couple of tents spotted...the park still occupied? Kasim Reed didn't run all of them off..

As I dip down I-20..what's up money? some are preoccupied  or distracted due to chasing money...meanwhile I'm blowing through like that snowstorm hitting the Northeast... I'm going off

Dipping like I was Saif Al-islam...Gaddafi's I was trying to avoid justice..

Not tripping...I remember the old justice no peace..just us...

Flipping this breakbeat science..let the music play!! plus check this good word..

Check these I-20's business as we handle business before it handles heard?


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