Thursday, October 20, 2011

Angels Working Angles

What's really going on? we're working angles like Dilated Peoples; trying to to handle our business! 

Working it all out!! but like Boston one strangles; is it like strangefruit from back in the day? how will we play?  now this angels hands are dirty and greasy from fighting the power like PE; ....on some front line spiritual warfare business!

Listening to Paris...One Time For Yo Mind... on 89.3 WRFG in Atlanta while rolling down I-20; he's letting some know what the deal is!

From London to Paris; whose fair with this? from Sirte over near Tripoli where they gaffled Gaddafi..on over to Wall Street in NYC; some see what the deal is! 

Ignoring Glenn Beck..those type haters show no respect...this dirty, greasy angel knows the deally; that's why they can't stop me..I'm  knowing what the real is! 

Those that be easy aren't erratic or frantic; they can feel this even though they've been through something too! 

Some are flipping out..letting wild animals loose in Ohio before killing themselves..meanwhile we went on with our bad selves...even though we're dusty and we proceed and continue; we had to act like we knew! 

We're just angels working angles..trying to come up with a strategy...we couldn't let it do what it do; you'll get gaffled that way!

Angels get dirty and greasy by the ongoing process; others our baffled that way!

Who'll work with me? didn't quit or stop this....winning battles this way..don't call this a T.I....

You heard me? who'll work with me? some are probably too busy listening to Herman Cain....paid by the Koch Brothers to lie..

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