Sunday, October 02, 2011

Beating Drums Like Billy Cobham PT.2

As we proceed and continue; life is's got O-Dizzle beating the drums like Billy Cobham! 

Whatcha need? to the higher power he'll stay connected...he might even sing and play the drums like Phil Collins! 

True indeed; I can feel it coming in the air tonight; winds of change are a bruh sums up the consequences; some are ready to "take it to the bridge" like Wall Street protesters after they're doing the knowledge...or the mathematics! 

Minds, bodies, and spirits write checks that their souls can't cash; plus they can't afford Bank of America debit card fees...that's word to the fanatics! 

Good and evil clash like it's the Yankees vs Tigers..during the ongoing chaos and confusion...during the height of this...erratic is how the flow will be!! wannabe scientists try to prove the chaos theory! 

This good word is part of a bigger plan; whats up man? this is word from these breakbeat we confirm the conspiracy theory! 

Clear!! that's how the fresh vision will when we beat the drums like Billy Cobham; theres a message in the music!

Coming out fresh with a brand new batch that's what the mission will be; but some are confused by it!

Read between the lines is what I told them; Herman Cain doing the knowledge?  minds should be used by these earthlings!

Meanwhile O-Dizzle is beating the drums like Billy Cobham; some heard the pain when the snares hit and the 808 bumped..check out the message in the music..that's how he works things!

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