Sunday, October 30, 2011

Subject To The Authority PT.3 Victims of Circumstances

Whose subject to the authority? like Romans 13:1....but if they "ain't right" its easy to come's like Gaddafi's son laying low.. the prophetess states it's all based on karmic repercussions! 

...She also said if you don't get it right the first time? we deal with reincarnations. 

I don't know...what will occur? it's like the First 48 in Dekalb hostile territories some reap what they sow; a harvest for the world like the Isley Brothers?  meanwhile these brothers are cosmic slopping!

Hip hopping!! plus dropping funk and rocking out; archaeologists dig up sites to see what these brothas are dropping! 

Scientists monitor Asteroid YU55 for the flyby...meanwhile in the hood shooters did the drive hostile territories some gather around memorial sites where soldiers fought their last battles!

...O-Dizzle is not devoid of O-Zone breaks it I tell these stories; going through these rites and rituals based on rolling with habitual criminals back in Louisville / Newburg; these days? we merge with the universe...intergalactic...the funk booms in the trunk; it rattles!

Listening to Miles Davis Bitches Brew; rolling down Muhammad Ali Blvd up in Louisville!

How will we behave with this? the critical stage of development; life is a bitch that some just love!! but Occupy protesters in Denver and Nashville find out authorities will push and shove; it gets way too real! 

Whats the deal?  pedestrians get hit by oncoming vehicles!! some will get thrown under the bus..they got caught out there....soon they're subject to the authority!

Whats the deal? charlatans were in justice..some come with plots and schemes of running the whole territory! 

The Good Samaritan got played!! he believed the story about doing a good deed! 

Whose fair in or war? will you end up being subject to the authority? true indeed!

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