Thursday, October 06, 2011

If Only They Knew / Half Of The Story

Please! if...only  they knew...its almost on some Patti Labelle type stuff! 

Some will act like they Libya's interim leaders...then they find out its like Roger; so ruff so tuff! 

Some would roger that like a trucker; Wall Street protesters bear witness...saying enough is enough!! it's out of control...if only they knew half of the story! 

The Chaos Theory was confirmed; some learned its business as usual for this territory! 

Who took a loss after bridges were burned that led back to the escape route? 

A crook tried to front and floss after the caper was pulled; authorities pulled the tape out!

The prime suspect was identified after authority was defied; no take out option available for rip offs! 

Time is up for those with the identity crisis; if only they knew!! no snitches for tip offs! 

The identity thief slips off with your aura after safe havens and safe harbors were invaded! 

Somebody will lie to me!! saying its all this and that; but I see its played out  and faded! 

Others shaded entries on the scan sheet of the multiple choice test! 

But they couldn't figure out the word problems; if only they knew!! you heard? now that's a problem!! even Obama knows were already stressed!

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