Thursday, October 13, 2011


Some people need to play it like Occupy Wall Street...they need to wake that ass up!!! they're creeping along like its Monday morning rush hour!

As we play it like Herman Cain in Sim City 4...acting like we knew!! but its real not fake...we're creeping up on a come up; cold crushing until the last hour! 

No Rush Hour funny business like Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan; understand man? actually some won't! 

Plush lavish styles made some numb to the pain of others; understanding it? please!! they don't!

We're cold crushing it though; whatcha know?  messages are sent with the drum..though some slept through the staff meeting....they don't hear me though!

Rushing to judgement..rushing into the fray?  like with Iran? influenced by evil that crept through like the black death...who cracked the code?  ignoring the math we bring; they said they were going for what they know!

Were on a journey; we're on this intergalactic path; but we followed the street rolling in a discrete code...we bring the funk as we show and prove! 

Who will work with me? like Wall Street protesters I was told to leave the park...some thought I was sleeping in the game like I missed something; but I'm everywhere...I left and then came back.... they didn't realize I stayed on the move! 

From Johannesburg to Louisville / Newburg.. from Pluto to Saturn and all points in between! 

Putting it down!! some thought I was sleeping....but  were actually creeping...check the moves I make after observing the scene!

Putting it a high velocity with the speed you need...not slowing down because I was sipping on sizzurp or purple drank like Lil Wayne..!!

Putting it is put in..we weren't sleeping.. there's too much to gain...

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