Saturday, October 15, 2011


Check the's going down all over the world..from Rome to Wall Street / Times Square here at home....actually it seems like a war of the the drama unfurls...what's our response?..check the  weapons used; they're unconventional; why would I want to beat up a dead horse? 

Does the world end on 10/21/2011? we refuse to come undone...check this breakbeat I catch wreck with it; recognize what it do; whose misled?...out there in the darkness way off course!!!

Intergalactic journeys are taken....faster than light?  moving at a high velocity with the speed you I plot my course; you might spot me out beyond Mars! 

A fanatic will work this and that though; sounding like a Republican;..word from Herman Cain or Mitt haters plot and scheme on our demise; for the course? that's what par is! 

How are you feeling? hopefully the scar is healing; especially after we found out there's no love in the heart of the city; plus there's no pity from the street committee.. of course life is messy! 

Word from Bobby Blue Bland and Jay-Z...what's the deally? were dealing with the madness; so the weapons used are  unconventional; the toil and strife made us lose the courtesy! 

Who'll work with me? will Geneva Convention rules of engagement be followed? 

Word from Herman Cain!! word from McGruff and crime prevention; we're on another page with it; the doctrine is not swallowed!

Hurting from the pain? no gain was the cliche; a bruh felt the rage!

Working this with unconventional methods; retro-futuristic..old school to new age! 

Check these rules of engagement; had to admit I was a burglar!! now check out this by product of when moments are stolen! 

Whats up with it? check my conduct..due to global warming the lakes no longer frozen! 

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