Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Let The Music Play

Let the music play like Barry White; or even the Charles Earland version! 

Whose caught up..out there? locked down like Lindsay Lohan..out there were the confusion reigns; the scene? your homie is observing! 

Whatcha know man..hows it working for you? it's like Rick Perry vs Mitt Romney...I saw some dive into the deep waters! 

Waters were still like the Four Tops talked about; meanwhile I'm out here in the ATL where ill ones stalked about;  dropping this breakbeat science..they wonder why a brotha bothers! 

Like wild animals escaping on an Ohio farm...the other other types of situations prevail; you haven't seen how some play?

A brotha heard the old school Baptist minister mention it; I heard him say let us pray! 

But the brotha O-Dizzle is the minister of music; sliding through the conduit...doing what's he rocks...I heard him say let the music play! 

Defense ministers like Liam Fox play games; but you know thats business as usual! 

Like Tom Jones said; to be loved by someone is not unusual!

Some act like they knew a I was Uncle Herman Cain..but the sideways glances and the inside joke revealed the inside scoop...the secret knowledge!

..staying one step ahead of stormtroopers; they'll bomb you like Turkey bombed Kurds in Iraq...they'll even introduce the Stuxnet Clone Duqu; as we come with the next..acting like we knew..the mothership gets good mileage!

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