Wednesday, October 05, 2011

It Wasn't Funny

It wasn't funny..even though jokers were trying to punk one..or trying to come undone like Ashton Kushner! 

Or trying to pull pranks like Nephew Tommy; who will act like they knew me? what will the response be? they told me that's what they need the dry kush for!

So what's the deal? things have gotten ill....check the word from Troy the Action Network or Operation Push for the troop deployment! 

Whose up in the network..can you hear me now...was it about business or enjoyment? 

....Or maybe a little bit of both; it wasn't funny...who'll make a ploy out of it? caught out there in caught up in the fray! 

Serious business!! don't make a toy out of this..this is not Toys R wasn't funny; now causing an affray! 

Cooking like Bobby Flay; hey! hey! hey! whatcha gotta say? 

Hollywood Swinging like Kool and The Gang; let the music play! 

That's per Barry White; get it right!! I'm all up in the spot with Parliament Flashlighters! 

Still on that Earth Wind and Fire? I'm not mad at them!! as long as haters don't bash these insighters! 

Whats it all worth? check out what will transpire!! now cash is tight even in London some become riot inciters! 

.....Or even occupy Wall Street...whats it all worth? some were playing hunches; now waiting in the dark in disco infernos with cell phones in the air plus lighters! 

"Sho u right" was the catch phrase when somebody said it was all about the money!

I heard all the jokers joking; but it wasn't funny!

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