Monday, October 17, 2011

Low Key PT.4 ......Minding and Tending

A bruh is low key; just laying in the cut...actually I'm minding and tending! 

Just doing me; even though haters are knocking the Republicans vs the Obama Jobs Program...whatcha know man? I'm putting this good word on your mind; plus beat blending!

Just sending this message out to my peeps; hopefully they can figure the cipher out! 

This is no funny math like Herman Cain's 9 9 I go for mine...piano, drums, and samples are dominate; blasting up in Marvin's Room ...pardon the boom..whose out there? caught out there where it was dark; somebody turned the lights out! 

This is like 911 calls in Seals Beach...this is an emergency!! upper room type knowledge is dropped; insights are put out there in the atmosphere!

It's like this and that!! as a bruh falls through...not a corrupt one from the temple of doom; but like Virgin Galactic's SpaceShip Two...I was once caught up and caught out there.

It's like this and like that!! as we go there; we're not working with a fanatic...we're rolling out!! to a safe haven safe harbor; but it's like Somalia.. soon pirates will interrupt the vibe! 

Peace wouldn't be still!! hatred some still harbor; they try to make it hard for my tribe! 

Whose liable? the situation is null and void; please!! I was just trying to chill! 

Promotions were viable...commotions defy authority..check out O-Dizzle's Sonic Assault...O-Zone applied science based on what he was taught...a fool I avoid; now I'm trying to fill the void; minding and tending...trying to get my mind right; chilling out...low that's the deal!

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