Tuesday, October 23, 2012

We Were Off Track....Now Getting Back In Sync

Maneuvers were synchronized;  per Carl Jung it seems fate is involved! 

Moves were made at the disco inferno...per fireman's lingo?  the fire was fully involved! 

Were problems solved? it seems we keep going around in circles per The Friends of Distinction! 

...Plus some were scared of Saturn's return to Scorpio; did they learn their lesson? ...staring into the eye of the tiger...I spotted them blinking..

Plus some were scarred; others ended up with meningitis because they fooled with New England Compounding;  trust your education said the bumper sticker on back of the hooptie! 

Some were barred from the premises...it was confounding...but check the situation...jokers might have did them a favor..it wasn't where the truth will be...

Politicians  sounded reckless like Mitt Romney....I didn't trust that legislation; it was like gerrymandering! 

Dude said he didn't have binders full of women...its hard out here for a pimp / player!!  he had to stop skinning and grinning!

 .....Once smooth like synchronized swimming in the Olympics; but times change...they're moving fast like Usain Bolt! 

Some slow down after smoking the Usain Bolt OG Kush...but others got ruthless trying to get back in sync again; like Troy Davis they'll feel the jolt! 

.....Or receive the lethal injection after failing inspection; plus the lightning bolt strikes those with the deliberate falsehood! 

We see through the madness..trying to get back in sync again;  but jokers are acting false in the hood!

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