Sunday, October 21, 2012

What Are They Working With? Questions I Keep Asking....

I sit back and look at things..wondering; what some are working with? 

Lacking tools of the trade like Lance Armstrong...caught up in the are played; so who are they working with? 

Team mates were slacking...grades low like Obama debating Romney ...better the second time around....rolling like Shalamar..what will the response be?

One who hates is GPS tracking...all up in Fusion Centers!! watching the circus..they know where the clowns will be! 

.....While jokers were piggy backing or daisy chaining O-Dizzle was fusing jazz, funk and hip hop; the sounds will be used as a weapon!

Companies were fracking..meanwhile were big beat breaking..that's what were working with!! we're all in...

Companies were full of misery...that's how they love it...lacking love? but we're governing ourselves in the proper fashion...avoiding authorities who try to police thoughts and were trying to see what these others are doing! 

Some jokers didn't check could soon be repeating... whose like George McGovern?  sparking a movement like in Chicago in 68?  clashing with the what are they doing?

What are they working with? these days jokers are rocking old Mike Vick jerseys..number 7 Atlanta Falcons...or Chicago Bulls Michael Jordan number 23....whats the deally?  I heard what was said!!! they had nerve to say they were doing the damn thing!

What are they working with? sick with it..those fools were ruthless like M23 in the Congo... saying Uganda is not running the damn thing!!

What are they working with? whats the response bro? who'll understand a bruh? what caused a bruh to flip like dude at the mall in Milwaukee?

What are they working with? I spotted the Paranormal Activity...leading to captivity...some are at home where the yellow crime scene tape and white chalk will be...


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