Thursday, August 04, 2011

Caught Up In The Storm

Something just ain't right like Keith Sweat would say; now were caught up in a storm! 

Thunder, lightning and high winds wreak havoc!! we had to lay low in the bunker or dorm

Whose trying to take us under? haters try to manipulate the weather ....some will say whatever...meanwhile NASA finds water on Mars...whose trying to do Gods work?

Meanwhile ill issue debaters show their true colors; full of hate!!  but its business as usual; its not odd how they work!

Those jokers will get caught up doing the dirty work..its not odd how they get hurt; some injuries were even self inflicted!

During the ongoing summer madness I even got caught up...I even hurt myself during the process; but I got wise to the whole set up..the knowledge is genuine when I kick it!

O-Dizzle has the funky drummer we're back with this like Tiger Woods...the original plan? were sticking to it; but we had to tweak it!

The original man plus an extraordinary one is going on; but knowing how tight it is in these hoods...from y'all;s street to Wall Street...knowing how bleak it can get!

Knowing how a winning and losing streak can get; word from Charlie Sheen!

Now down here in Atlanta home of OutKast; but I wasn't so fresh and so clean clean!

Were under attack!! I  had to blast back; might use the blackjack to bust some upside the head!

Caught up in the storm....a bruh  is not the who rocks the baldy but with the persona of a dread!

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