Sunday, August 07, 2011

Who Had The Story Twisted?

Who had the story twisted? DC is mad about the new credit rating..whose hating? I here all kind of versions!

..Now drama is visited and revisited...they even rioted in London/ Tottenham...what's up man? we proceed and continue.. out of the darkness were emerging!

Others were still waiting in the dark about to blackout...they were giving up..through dealing or merging with forces that meant none of us any good!

Others were still hating whose bipartisan? just fronting like Republicans...whatcha starting? that's why this brotha is keeping it hood!

Whats good? just got back from  might need to leave this planet..that's word from Charles Earland!

Whats good? whatcha know? brothas were taken for granted..because we understand it? knowing the business will fold..catching a beatdown like Tito Ortiz; please!! .the structure falls apart; now we see whats not working!

Whats the business...who has the story twisted?  what's up with that and this? plots and schemes for jerking me and you around are what are we supposed to do?...make adjustments!

Whats the business? who knows what the deal is?  who has the story twisted? drama is visited and revisited..just ask Verizon...the workers  go on strike..they ask can you hear me now? check it heard PE say you cant truss it!

The spot? had to admit I rushed it....Caught Up in it...damn damn damn!! now my perspective is warped because of it!!

O-Dizzle cold crushed it with the blackjack!!  hitting up the danger zone!! meanwhile O-Zone has a stranger tone the story is twisted because of it?

What's up with it?..others will love it!!  the drama...caught up in it..what's the deal..what's up with it? heard some singing Haboglabotribin' like Bernard Wright  ..they were fascinated by the smoke and mirror show!

Brothas like me rise above it!! we did the mathematics..hip to these fanatics; we already know how it will go!

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