Sunday, August 07, 2011

Summer Madness / The Saga / Struggle Continues

Summer madness is going down as I write this; the warm breeze blowing is like hitting the refresh button!

The funky drummer does business in the spot where reason gave way to madness;  folk were acting like
they were on one!

But we refuse to come undone; even though it became a hot one its like July or August in Hotlanta!

Or maybe like in Las Vegas out in the Mojave Desert; some will be stranded out in the Babylon wilderness...or desert...Caught Up..Caught Out There like Big Boi..somebody might understand a bruh!

In London some find out theres no midnight at the oasis  like Maria Muldaur mentioned...authorities chase us; we stay under attack!;

"It ain't right " how some act during dollar chases; who downgraded your credit rating like America's?  they'll try to trip you or make the surface slippery so you lose traction; bear witness to how they act!

..But they'll get hit up with the blackjack aka the sonic assault; were not playing with them!

O-Zone has the good word O-Dog the funky track; the brand new funk? he's playing for them!

Not mad at them; the system is playing's tight in these hoods..they've got us all coming and going!

The  summer madness saga / struggle continues...whose on a comeback like Tiger Woods?  so whatcha knowing?

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