Monday, August 08, 2011

Summer Madness Continues....So Here's Another One

Summer Madness full effect until after Labor we started another one; trying not to come undone... but haters were like Standard and Poors vs America.. they'll try to sabotage operations!

....Had to show some I'm not the one!! like Rashad Evans taking out Tito Ortiz..please!  theres spiritual significance in this operation! 

...Spirits were contaminated like a Wall Street broker...obligations not being met took a toll on some!

Minds, bodies, and spirits will soon be uplifted when we put this jazz-funk- hip-hop and soul on them!

Kojak and One Adam 12 tried to roll up on some ;but they dipped back to the community!

But you know some jokers won't watch their mouth; so theres no diplomatic immunity! 

Doing the math is not knew to me; I work with numbers every day!

Still considered a hot mess;  just call me the hot messenger when the piano and the drum play! 

A veteran now coaching ready to run a play; even though haters disrespected..they played me like Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac...tried to downgrade me..played me to the left..but beats and rhymes a bruh has plenty of...I pull some from the archives!

Understand me? who you wit per Bernie Mac? the train of thought  was on another track; what's up with that?  the dark mystery of time and space was studied out in the gray area; a dark angel lies!

Hell was caught due to some being Caught Up...they were down with arch angels, arch enemies. and the arch nemesis!

The Sonic Assault is unleashed on some..slapping them upside the head with the's another one..where you at? fates can be altered by ecological ignorance!

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