Sunday, May 09, 2010

Your Friendly Neighborhood Burglar

they already said I was a crook!!

Moments were stolen like a burglar!!! they can't put me on the clock.

During the process? beats are broken!! O-Zone wrote this Good Word!! O-Dog came to rock.

During the process? some are joking like it's Comedy Central!! or Betty White & Jay-Z on SNL...but it's serious.

Others are stressed out!! going all out!! mentioned earlier "ain't no love" ...people push and shove...shootouts leave some dead in Rockdale County...others up in central booking in Dekalb County..acting delirious.

Old girl in the old school Caddie Fleetwood Brougham rode down Candler Road..said she's too blessed to be stressed!! but she didn't act like it.

Drama unfurled!!! somebody asked me what's up brougham? told them I'm all about progressive liberation..rolling discrete up in the hood!! how did some act? they're right up in it!

Drama unfurled!! whatcha know man? how did some flow man? they said Taliban in Pakistan was behind the New York drama..I see darkness is present...some were waiting..I shined the light up in it!

....As I cut the corner!!rolling down Cleveland Avenue in the A-Town..they say homie got jacked!! it's tragic..folk are trying to fight all up in it!

Plus the Hawks got jacked by the Magic!!! ....meanwhile work is put in!! didn't cut corners or take shortcuts...unless dipping from authorities.

Down here in Georgia...a police state? badlands..hostile territories?

It's Going down!! like Iraq or Afghanistan!! or even like Israel vs peace in the Middle East?

...Actually drama can jump off anywhere!! it's like the Wolverine's we continue to fight the beast.

Drama even jumped off in front of City Hall East on Ponce De Leon in Atlanta!!

Meanwhile the funkarama will jump off!! O-Zone and O-Dog will jam for ya.

We don't understand ya I was told!! but some people's minds weren't open.

As I drop these scriptures..somewhat biblical like we get with ya...plans are put in motion.

Stolen moments were put to good use!! we're working this.

What it do? recognize the spiritual significance.

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