Thursday, January 21, 2010

Control Freaks...

...........freaks didn't just come out at night

Haters brought the drama on themselves; some can get paid for it like Conan O'Brien..were they control freaks?

Freaks didn't just come out at night like Whodini; in the daytime the structure leaks.

A corrupt one speaks of losing streaks and winning streaks; some are manipulated; that's why I chill.

O-Dog tweeks beats while we're laying in the cut; O-Zone knows the deal.

As I let you know the deal; from out there where I ride; a Mars and Pluto native.

That's per Scorpio guidelines and criteria; check how the behavior will get.

What kind of flavor will you get? it's funky; started out with James Brown.

Deleting or saving it? Maury didn't have to tell John Edwards; how does it work? in the spot? good and evil reside; had to ask myself, can I get down?

Defeating the purpose while your in it? will freedom ring? pain and pleasure reside in the same palace.

Haters disrespect; going all out; damage themselves in the process; had my guard up, staying on point, as haters show malice.

The style is like Los Angeles Lakers or or Chicago Bulls with MJ; running the triangle offense.

Ignoring fakers; just lost in the Bermuda Triangle; meanwhile I'm like a runaway Toyota; I go off with this.

Podcast is blasting!! like homie in the love triangle, blasting up in the office.

This thing is everlasting; veteran in the game now coaching not a novice.

Its obvious some brought the drama on themselves; just punishment gluttons.

Control freaks who were told to go on with their bad selves now turning dials and pushing buttons.

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