Monday, January 04, 2010

The Cartel Gathering PT.2

Spotted the cartel gathering..for members only..even had on the jackets.

Not hard to tell who brings the drama...who runs the rackets.

Not hard to tell who the fanatics are; conducting business as usual.

Pardon me..excuse me If I don't fool with them..knowing how they do.

...No pardon for me and my kinfolk..Pharoah won't act right.

Didn't want to let my people go...bringing the drama to your door ...said my folk wouldn't act right.

According to whose standards? as I come back to fight the ongoing madness.

Whose bad like Michael? the Babylon wilderness we fight through...taking care of business.

Peeped the ongoing cycle..ecological ignorance will alter the fate .given instructions for self destruction...what's up in your neck of the woods?

From the A-Town to NYC, from Kabul to Somalia, any respect in your hoods?

Disrespected like Tiger Woods...but trying to make it another one? losing endorsements.

Checked it all a veteran in the coaching...knowing how the sport gets.

Received a warning from the cartel gathering....I was told to abort this mission.

All up in the heart of this! it's math we bring..spiritual significance in this operation.

This Sonic Assault will break up the cartel gathering..their mission was alt shift deleting.

..My people..but plots and schemes we see through..the enemy were defeating.

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