Saturday, January 09, 2010

Cold Chilling...

.............chilling out...cold day in The "A"................

Falling back..letting God work his will..there's no interference.

Soon calling back...after I "look at the moon, talk to the smoke, and listen to the wind" ..old Native American saying.. there's spiritual significance.

....All up in this operation...our obligation? we're either rolling on the train of thought or floating down the stream of bring this breakbeat science.

Broken beats and english? that's how we're rocking it..the train of thought is rolling...rebuking dangerous minds.

In these dangerous times...nuking the headquarters? the funk is like yellow cake.

Chefs were in hell's kitchen..meals they boil, broil, fry, or bake.

What's good? the skills were nutritional values were in the meals.

What's hood? up in Louisville everybody's name was Tony (Montana?).. conducting shady deals.

Shady like Grady...not like old dude from Sanford & Son..the Brotha O-Zone chills; it's like Keith Sweat....knowing something wasn't right.

Out on Flat Shoals in Decatur, Georgia..spotted the Chevy Impala circling the block..soon at South Dekalb Mall..shootout after the fight...

Letting the hustlers hustle and the players play...mentioned earlier..O-Dog will rock..while O-Zone drops insight.

Beyond the local drama..we're Intergalactic..out in other galaxies...the Mothership stays in flight..

It's about to jump off!!! what it do? check the weather's ice cold.. word from Al Roker.

Who got bumped off? from Afghanistan to Yemen to Chicagoland, dealing with a foul joker.

What it is man? little homie asked me..I had to tell is what it is..that's the catch phrase.

Cold day in Atlanta while I write this!! reflecting a cold world..but this brotha soaked up Capricorn Sun rays.

This son of God plays it low key..sometimes I fall back just to regroup.

Stay on the one with God's will..the Master's Plan..blessed double for the trouble...we soon recoup.

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