Sunday, January 17, 2010

Hidden Obstacles....PT.2..

Thought everything would go smooth...but now my folks need help down in Haiti....they ran into hidden obstacles.

Coming through!! going in..trying to get it in..but they caught me on the way back in!! now they're locking windows and doors.

Coming through!!! O-Dog is rocking movie's soundtrack.

Acting like I knew; a brotha scores points like Carmello Anthony when he brings the sound back.

Acting like I knew; society doesn't understand me and my kind..authorities brought the hounds back in the hood to pick up the trail..cats rolling 30 Deep pulled a caper.

Thought everything was cool? didn't check the trail of tears from Native Americans who got played by a shape shifter.

Acting like I knew; shape shifters are still around; but the Lord lifted us to where we belong..out beyond the eclipse..a brotha steers the mothership to a safe harbor.

Thought it would go smooth; but haters are having tea it was the Boston Harbor.

Whose part of the conspiracy? listening to Dick was confirmed.

Acting like I knew; avoided the Hostile I evacuated the hostile folks from Katrina...but no bridges are burned.

But roofs burned from the disco inferno: when the brotha O-Dog got busy.

Random Thoughts are expressed..O-Zone did the knowledge; but still ignored those that try to quiz me.

Rolling on the train of thought...The Mothership gets good mileage using it to slip through portals.

A brotha gets scientific; slipping through the cracks..but hip to hidden obstacles.

Not on those portabellos or smoked out I'm clear headed.

Rocking the baldy but the personna is like a dread would get.

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