Friday, January 01, 2010

Leaving Concentration Camps

.....................developing escape routes..........

Product is developed in a self imposed concentration camp...check the Funk my Random Thoughts.. developed behind enemy lines.

Ambushed...we were hosed down!!! like back in the day..civil rights protestors in Birmingham, Alabama back in the I'm looking for signs.

Hopes and dreams the opposition in Iran..but now regrouping..a new year..2010..lights shine from up above.

God is in the blessing business!!! realizing that it's all love.

Odd ones stress us!!! pushing and shoving under the basket ..jockeying for position.

Trying to rebound like Dwight Howard of The Orlando how you living?

From Atlanta to Orlando..outcomes are tragic..back to life..back to Soul to Soul.

Toil and strife is all up in the facility!!! ill ones play with your soul.

This is not Disney World!! from the Gaza Strip ...on over to Somalia and Kenya ..actually everywhere, the drama unfurled.

Tabernacles raided for the treasures in the Middle East...similar to King Tut's tombs being rocks are hurled.

Tilt a whirled on the American Adventure ride!! some will fall off like it was Six Flags.

Dude earled!! drunk off the power!!! self inflicted injuries vomiting in bags.

Big homie was fronting..once rolling in Jags..sitting on top of mags..but soon gets jacked up like the Pope.

Blackwater not charged for the flow some are interrupting...that's how it is behind enemy lines..some can't cope.

In concentration camps? you were told you can't hope..but we came up with a strategy.

Product is developed..check this BreakBeat we keep escape routes..ignored haters when they holla at me.

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