Saturday, January 16, 2010

Damn Damn Damn Like Florida From Good Times..

Damn! Damn! Damn! like Florida from Good Times!!! after James died!! it's like whoa.

No Hostile Takeovers in Haiti...but in the hood? authorities slam you to the pavement..guilty until proven innocent...knowing how it go.

Otherwise...whose posing a threat? whatcha know? enslavement from Florida to Somalia..corporations run it.

International...multi-national...acting irrational? you'll be dealt with.

Earthquakes from Cali to Haiti..Lord Help! Lord Help! was the Battle folks felt it.

What's it worth? some bump heads with the wall of death..a foul one even tried to play me..but down? a brotha held it.

This is the rebirth!! materials are welded..tourists felt it? only in home invasions will the duct tape work.

Hazardous materials spill out? after the train of thought derails ..whose hurt?

Is it really hazardous material? what's up? what we have is spiritual; this spiritualist brings Sonic Assaults ..whose hurt?

Might just hear a bro; damn! damn! damn! representing those who are hurt.

Whatcha know? whose hands are dirty? some even have the game won then lose...spotted from here to Mesopatania.

Rolling solo..who'll work with me? they'll just have more pain for ya.

Manipulate the weather? more rain for ya? Al Roker couldn't call it.

A hater said whatever!! you know that's how a foul joker would call it.

Should have known a foul joker would stall it;that's how they operate..said some didn't want to act throwing salt into the game.

Misery loves company; corporations started; we'll all be caught up in the game.

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