Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Chilling Out...Peace Be Still

Peace be still!!! like the old school gospel song..so I slowed it down; like upcoming speed traps on I-75..the train of thought is still rolling..but I proceed to a quite place.

Word received from the Lord when I chilled out!! when I wasn't trying to race.

Just celebrated MLK Day...much was achieved by the brotha's mission..admitting we've still got a long way to go..that's word from Cornel West at the King Day service at Ebenezer....

How did we try to play? economy had our spirit broken...admitting I wasn't up to facing the opposition..but now I'm a believer..

...Once I believed God would deliver me from evil, I realized haters can't stop this mission.

Nevermore like Edgar Allen Poe...coming through the door and window of opportunity..spiritual significance in this operation..

The drama doesn't stop though; think we're going through something? just check out Haiti.

As we hip hop; rock out; and drop funk; we launched a Sonic Assault on those that are shady..

Trying tp pay me off like Conan O'Brien..but it's too good to be true...somebody's lying..it's the evil ones..but they say it's all love how they do it.

But surprised some when we made it to the playoffs..like The New York Jets...we learned to let go and let God; he determined the when, where, why, and how; he knew it.

As we go through it;..the darkness; The Babylon wilderness is thick.

Enhanced by smoke and mirrors; what's the deal? is it real? some are accenting horrors and terrors; it's deep its thick.

Never danced with wolves and devils; operating on different levels; even though I conduct disco infernos; I stick to the original plan.

Taking a risk; taking a chance, but maintaining, I'm still the original man.

Taking a risk; this breakbeat science is original man!! I let the hustlers hustle and the players play.

Conspiracy theories? haters insert the disk into the hard drive; prayers we'll have to say.

Check the instant replay; some will get hacked on hard drives to the hoop.

Peace be still!!! delayed or instant gratification? Motherships I drive to the O-Dog loop.

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