Friday, January 29, 2010


Construction worker, bricklayer, adding another brick to the structure, this is mechanical engineering.

Corruption spotted; a tricky player from the Himalayas will have you loathing and fearing.

I'm moving through different layers, realms, dimensions; steering the mothership.

Intergalactic, international; irrational? that's how they say a brotha gets .

Calling crooks out...erratic with it? they said I didn't follow the proper procedures and guidelines.

Pulling the books out...playing it like Eli...mathematics are dropped; but some didn't see us even though a brotha chills behind enemy lines.

Never stopped moving! seeing the world and my place in it realistically.

Never stopped moving! no telling where this retro futuristic mystic will be.

Never stopped moving! knowing history is repeating itself like a CD.

....Or vinyl that's skipping; cassettes and vinyl? O-Dog is flipping..feel me.

Final conflict? a crucial one...situation critical..a brotha stepped up security.

Can I kick it? can we groove? back in day funk is dropped on the community.

It's of the basic variety; not reinventing the wheel..but coming with the real.

Fake ones lie to me and you! circumventing the pursuit of freedom; with the madness my people have to deal.

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