Sunday, January 10, 2010

As We Proceed!!!! We're Rolling!!!!

................train of thought derailed..but back on track.......

As we proceed and continue..train of thought runs off the rails..but we get it back on track..

No help from the National Transportation Board...with God I stay on one we're back...

As we Transcend and's time to roll out...not up in a Honda Accord...the widetrack Pontiac Grand Prix is rolling!

Train Of Thought back on track..rolling like MARTA down here in Atlanta...BART out in San Francisco..maybe on Amtrak if they act right...

Haters couldn't stop me from achieving..all up in the heart of Babylon...dealing with fakes that won't act right..

Made sure my act was right..dropping science..kept some of it for myself..please!! they tried to hook up USB cords and flash drives....I didn't let them take all of it!!

The earth quakes..sign from up above? ..that's what I'll call it..

Go on with your bad self!!! that's what homie was told down here in the A-Town...stacked his paper!!! tried to get it right like Kanye West or even Hugo Chavez...but he balled with some of it.

Dude said he wasn't some of it..said he was all that and a bag of chips...asked what else can you call it?

Meanwhile the Train Of Thought is rolling!!! soul controlling.and y'all know..O-Dog brought the drum with it..part of this breakbeat science..we shorted out circuits and microchips.

Sonic Assaults are launched...not coming up short like Donovan McNabb ....this is a natural steps will a brotha skip..

Towards the Natural Light a brotha dips..but it's not the alcoholic beverage.

Trying to get my mind right!!! diplomatic immunity provides leverage.

Smarter than the average bear like Yogi...not trying to get played like Michael Steele...on the team one minute then they want you off the next...I was hip to the okey doke.

They'll even attack the team bus!!!..but I spotted mirrors used to enhance the fog, mist, and the smoke.

Check the scenario; going for broke; Can We Groove? I didn't wait on further instructions.

Ghettos, barrios, suburbs, churches and government...even over in Israeli / Palestinian settlements...some wait on further corruptions.

From the get go? further destruction is the devil's main purpose.

This brotha let go of some things...The Train Of Thought derailed..but back on track...kept some things for I could work this.

So rough, so tough, like could I hurt this? with the Sonic Assault.

Playing this like a Los Angeles Dodger..Maury Wills but on a cold day in Atlanta O-Zone chills...but hell was caught.

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